Sydney Coastrek Series 100 2020 FAQs

01 Oct 2020

What is Coastrek Series 100? Is this a Virtual event?

Coastrek Series 100 is an exciting opportunity for us to again be able to walk together, with our teams, along the Coastrek route on Friday November 13.

By limiting participants to 500, we are able to walk together – to trek with our ‘boots on the ground’.

It is not a virtual event… we want to see your gorgeous faces!

When will the Coastrek Series 100 be held?

Coastrek Series 100 will be held on Friday November 13, 2020. Participants will be allocated an arrival time. We’ll let you know. All teams will be asked to allow for a maximum 15 minutes for final gear checks, bib collection, start-line selfies and pre-trek loo stops, before beginning their walk. There will be no briefing, countdown or large gathering at the start line.

Is Coastrek Series 100 the same as previous Coastrek events?

Coastrek Series 100 has the same spirit as Coastrek, but we will be walking in a way that also keeps our community safe. Kisses and hugs at the finish line are out, the (masked) cheer squad is IN!

In accordance with Government regulations, we are no longer able to host events and gatherings of more than 500 people. By reducing our group sizes to less than 500 and making some changes to our Coastrek format, Coastrek Series 100 allows us to again get out and about – for our own mental health and to support Beyond Blue.

What is the same? What will be different?

What is the same?

Your Coastrek Series 100 includes:

  • An epic hiking challenge to inspire you to get out in nature with your team
  • Giving back and being part of walking for mental health
  • Your fitness tracker & fundraising page
  • Your 12-week training program plus bonus tips, fundraising support, loads of E-Books and fundraising resources
  • A clearly marked course, along the beautiful trails of Sydney’s Northern Beaches
  • On the ground staff and volunteers, motivation music, signage and lots of great vibes
  • Support via phone, text or social media from start to finish.
  • First Aid support, safety procedures and council approval
  • Start and finish lines (although we ask that you continue through these and do not gather and mingle in adherence with strict government guidelines)
  • An epic Facebook community to support you during training and on the day
  • Competitions and epic prizes!
  • Eco-friendly medals to take home.

What is different?

We’ll be masked up, dressed up and ready to cheer you on! Woohoo!

However, government guidelines necessitate that:

  • There will be a strictly limited number of participants
  • There will be a limited number of staff and volunteers to ensure we adhere to the 500-person limit
  • You will need to pass quickly through start and finish lines without gathering or mingling.
  • We are unable to have Luv Stops, only basic facilities at key points
  • We are unable to have podiatrists or physios present on the day
  • We are unable to provide food or drinks services throughout the course or at the finish line.

What is the route for Coastrek Series 100?

There will be two different 30km routes:

Team captains will be sent an email asking their preferred route. Routes will be allocated on a 'first in, first served' basis.

How do I register for Coastrek Series 100?

Chat to your team, decide your preference and your team captain will be sent an exclusive transfer link on October 20. The deadline for letting us know is October 30. You will then receive an email from us confirming your route and allocated time. Team Captains can transfer their team here. 

Who can participate in Coastrek Series 100?

You can participate if you:

  1. Currently live in Sydney
  2. Are currently registered for a Coastrek event in 2021.

Please note, you MUST NOT attend if:

  • you have travelled from a regional area
  • you have travelled internationally or domestically via airplane
  • you have attended any of the reported case locations (listed on NSW Health website)
  • You need to travel that requires you to stay the night in Sydney
  • Please check current Health Advice here

If I participate Coastrek Series 100, can I still participate in Sydney Coastrek 2021?

Sadly, no! If you participate in Coastrek Series 100 you have effectively transferred your Sydney Coastrek 2021 registration and used your credit. Once your captains notifies us, this cannot be changed back to 2021.

If you would like to participate in both, you will need to re-register for Sydney Coastrek 2021. Keep an eye on your inbox!

I don’t want to participate in Coastrek Series 100? Do I have to?

No. If you take no action to our email prompts, you will remain registered for Sydney Coastrek 2021, and we will assume you are participating Sydney Coastrek 2021.

Are there fees involved with transferring my team to Coastrek Series 100?

Nope – just let us know your team choice by October 30, 2020. Captains, keep an eye on your inbox for the prompt.

Note – Once your team captain notifies us that you will be joining us for Coastrek Series 100, your team is not able to change back to the 2021 event.

Can I register a new team for Coastrek Series 100?

No sorry. Coastrek Series 100 is exclusively for teams who were previously registered for Sydney Coastrek 2020. We are unable to accept new team registrations for this year. If you wish to join an existing team, we recommend joining the Sydney Coastrek Facebook group, as teams often have vacancies and team changes. Alternatively you can register your interest for 2021.

Are we able to walk on another day?

No, Coastrek Series 100 is a live community walk and will be held on Friday November 13.

What is the deadline to advise that our team wishes to participate in Coastrek 100?

As numbers are limited to 100 teams per route, we recommend your Team Captain notifies us as soon as possible, as each route will fill up fast. Please discuss this with your team in advance, as captains will be sent an email with a link to notify us on October 20.

Registration will officially close on October 30, if not sold out prior.

Note – Once your team captain notifies us that you will be joining us for Coastrek Series 100, your team is not able to change back to the 2021 event.

Are all distances 30km? I registered for the 60km/15km. Can I still do this?

If you initially registered for the 15km distance or 60km distance, you can choose to join us for Coastrek Series 100.

Due to logistical limitations, Coastrek Series 100 is only offering a 30km distance option.

Can I choose my start time/route?

Choice of route will operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, and each route has strictly limited numbers. Seriously, this is not a marketing thing, it’s a COVID-19 thing! If you want your choice of start time and route, you will need to get it quick!

Team captains will be advised of their allocated route and ‘trickle time’ start by November 6.

What is a trickle start?

In the past, Coastrek always started with great gusto under the start arch, with hundreds of trekkers charging forward at the sound of the start gun… the whole shebang.

Clearly, this is not #COVIDSafe.

For the Coastrek Series 100, teams will be allocated an arrival time (between 6am and 7am). All teams will be asked to allow for a maximum 15 minutes for final gear checks, bib collection, start-line selfies and pre-trek loo stops, before beginning their walk. There will be no briefing, countdown or large gathering at the start line.

Your bib will have a timing chip attached and will clock your start time when you cross the start line and at two other locations before the finish.

Note: Coastrek is NOT a race and running is not encouraged. 

It is very important that all teams adhere to these allocated times to ensure that all COVID-19 physically distancing guidelines are met. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Will there be Luv Stops? What facilities are available?

As we are unable to gather in large groups, we are unable to have Luv Stops where everyone can rest and congregate together. There will be one (1) other timing point along the course that we ask you to walk over. This allows us (and your supporters) to track your progress and assist with contact tracing if required.

We are unable to provide snacks or drink stations at these points, but we will indicate good cafés, coffee shops, parks and toilets along the route onto

There will be roaming First Aid along the route for the duration of Coastrek Series 100.

Can some members participate this year and some next year?

No. As Coastrek is a team trekking challenge, all team members must be in agreement to transfer to Coastrek Series 100. Team captains can replace team members, if some are unable to participate.

Do we get bibs for Coastrek Series 100?

Absolutely! Your bibs can be picked up on November 13 at your allocated start location.

Note: Once you have arrived at the start location at your allocated time, you have 15 minutes to collect your bib.

Also note: bibs that were previously sent to teams in March for the original Sydney Coastrek (which was unfortunately postponed) cannot be used for Coastrek Series 100. The timing strips are no longer valid on these old bibs.

Can I make changes to my team?

  • Any team changes can be made, online, by the team captain, up until October 30.
  • Any changes after this date need to be forwarded to us at
  • Any withdrawals on the day, should be texted to our HQ phone 0411.344.138 with name of withdrawing team/individual(s), team name and bib number

Will there be shuttle buses?

Unfortunately, no. With guidelines currently in place, we are unable to operate shuttle buses before/after Coastrek Series 100. All trekkers are required to arrange their own way to/from Coastrek Series 100.

Do we get medals?

You betcha! Our new eco-friendly, recyclable medals will be available for collection at the finish line. We ask that you collect them (sadly we can’t drape them over you as usual) then head home to celebrate.

Where does my fundraising go?

Please be assured that fundraising received went directly to Beyond Blue at the time of donation - where services are now in greater demand than ever before. Thank you! 

All new fundraising that your team achieves will also go to Beyond Blue at the time of donating.

Thank you for your incredible efforts, generosity and support to fund Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service, which provides free, one-on-one support and information from a trained mental health professional. 

What Covid measures are in place for Coastrek Series 100?

In conjunction with relevant federal, state and local health authorities, Wild Women On top have implemented the following summary of safety measures in response to Covid-19:


  1. Individuals MUST NOT attend if:
    • they are feeling unwell
    • they have been in contact with a positive Covid case in the past 14 days
    • they have travelled from a regional area
    • they have travelled internationally or domestically via airplane
    • they have attended any of the reported case locations (listed on NSW Health website)
    • Travel requires them to stay the night in Sydney 
  1. Online registration is ESSENTIAL, so staff can maintain a record for COVID-19 contact tracing, if required 
  1. Arrive ready to walk. Participants only have 15 minutes at the start location to do final checks, go to the toilet, collect their bib and go!  
  1. Download the CovidSafe app to assist with contact-tracing 
  1. Follow signs and directions along the course and observe physical distancing 
  1. Practice good hygiene:
  • Wash hands before arrival, after touching common surfaces and after using the bathroom
  • properly sanitise hands using the hand sanitiser provided 
  1. Do not stand within 1.5m of another participant unless you are wearing a mask 
  1. If you sneeze or get a runny nose at any time on the course - blow your nose on a clean tissue, put it in the bin, and wash your hands before continuing. 
  1. Bring your own water bottle - absolutely no sharing of water bottles. As well as, no shared food or snacks between participants.

  2. You must not mingle or gather at the finish line. Please leap through the finish arch, take a quick photo, collect your medal and head home to celebrate with your teammates. Woohoo! You did it!

 Our responsibility to you and public health is our number 1 priority. Together we can stop the spread.

Is Coastrek Series 100 COVID Safe?

Of course! We are absolutely committed to the health and wellbeing of all our trekkers, their families and our community.

We will be taking the following precautions to ensure our Coastrek Series 100 is COVID-safe:

  • Creating a COVID Safety Plan and gaining approval by the relevant federal, state, and local health authorities
  • Erecting signage and visual aids along the course to remind all trekkers to practice physical distancing and excellent hand hygiene.
  • Providing hand sanitiser stations along the course
  • Appointing COVID Safety Officers
  • Briefing staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers to practise excellent hand hygiene, wear masks and disinfect common surfaces from start to finish
  • Providing clear communications in the lead up to the day
  • Screening all staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers before they attend
  • Removing all activations that may result in unnecessary lingering or gathering
  • Tracking your progress along the course using a timing chip
  • Assessing ongoing compliance with COVID protocols
  • Cooperating with NSW Health


 What if government restrictions affect Coastrek Series 100 going ahead?

If Coastrek Series 100 is unable to go ahead due to COVID-19, all current registrations will revert back to 2021.